One-day Basque Mountain Experience Tour

This one-day immersion programme offers a unique back-stage introduction to the hidden Basque mountain villages of the Pyrenees. Through a series of gentle village and mountain walks we explore the culture, history, traditions and identity of these mysterious people and sample their world-famous Basque foods and wines.

At the end of the day, a private Basque concert offers us the opportunity to relax and immerse ourselves in the Basque music and language. Hosted by a guide with over 20 years of international reviews.

sheepdogs in Ameztia
Basque ox and cart in Ituren
Basque music and tapas on the terrace
Joaldunak of Ituren carnival

A One-day Basque Mountain Experience Tour

Sample Itinerary


Transport to the Basque Pyrenees

Transport from Pamplona or San Sebastian. Journey time one hour.


Morning Breakfast / Introduction

Morning tea, coffee and biscuits and an introduction to the medieval landscapes of the Basque Pyrenees and the Basque farming culture. Here we offer an insider’s portrait of Basque life and explore their umbilical links with the land, and the importance of honesty, trust, hard work and solidarity within our mountain community.


Village Tour of Zubieta or Ituren

A walk around the village of Ituren or Zubieta to explore the characteristics of village life, the striking architecture of its village houses, and ‘palacios’, its church, washing stones, lime kilns, plaza, bridges and watermills. We also talk about the famous pagan carnival characters of the Joaldunak who come to bless the land and ward away the evil spirits. (The main date of the Ituren and Zubieta village carnivals are in January and are hailed by anthropologists to be among the most ancient ceremonial rites in Europe.) They also appear on other dates too but these are less publicised.


Local Basque Lunch in Donamaria

A three-course Basque lunch with local produce and Navarran wines at a Michelin-recommended restaurant in Donamaria, located by the side of the river in beautiful gardens and grounds. A talk with its owner about the secrets of Basque cuisine.


Drive to the Pyrenean Experience Cultural Centre

We drive to the Pyrenean Experience Cultural centre in Ameztia / Ituren.


Walk the Farming Hamlet of Ameztia

We have a gentle walk through the farming hamlet of Ameztia, Ituren and an introduction to Basque farming life as we walk gently along paths lined with dry-stone walls. We pass farmsteads, fields, meadows, mountain barns and working homesteads as we step back in time to understand the lives of the Basque mountain families. These lives have changed dramatically over the past 100 years.


Experience Basque Gastronomy and Music

We head back to Pyrenean Experience guesthouse for an evening of Basque tapas, and a private guitar concert of typical Basque ballads and songs on the terrace given by a professional Basque folk singer (and family friend).


Transport to Hotel

Transport back to Pamplona or San Sebastian.

Additional Information

Optional Extras

• Walking part of the WW2 COMET Escape Lines on the Spanish / French border and the ravines of the Bidasoa river.
• Basque wine seminars married with local organic tapas.
• Visits to a working watermill mill and ethnographic museum.
• Walks can be designed of different lengths and difficulties.


Price starts at 170 euros per person (Groups of minimum 4 people). Discount for larger groups. All participants require a minimum level of fitness and good walking / hiking shoes.

mountain farms in the Bidasoa Valley
medieval bridge Sunbilla
The church in Zubieta