“Congratulations to the effervescent Georgina for her great enterprise. If pressed by a modern-day Spanish Inquisition to find fault it would be the tea-bag shortage that threatened the Brits around day 5 but that was quickly dealt with by our attentive host.” Tony. Manchester. English Teacher.

Our Farmhouse in the Pyrenees

Code of Honour

Mutual respect and an interest in other people are an important part of the house-party ethos at our family farmhouse in the Pyrenees. We feel lucky to be in a part of the world where one’s word is one’s honour and business is still done on a handshake.

Unique House Party Holidays at our Mountain farmhouse:

The guests who join our house-party holidays at our farmhouse in the Pyrenees infrequently know each other, and it is important for us that you feel at home from the start. As this is our family home, it is also important for Iñaki, Marion and myself that we can relax with our guests too! We love meeting people from all parts of the world and all walks of life.

The Farmhouse Accomodation

Our family home perched high up in a Basque hamlet in the Pyrenees...

House Rental / B&B

On occasions throughout the year, we rent out the cottage or offer B & B

How to Get There

Where are we? How to get here, maps and directions ...

House Party Ethos at our Farmhouse in the Pyrenees

Mi Casa es Tu Casa!

The first and most important step is for our guests to feel at home, so do help yourselves to food, wine and washing machine, borrow books from the library or leave your slippers under the sofa.  By the same token we welcome a little help serving the wine or laying the table - even making the salads - and we are convinced that the more our guests relax and join in and feel part of the family the more everyone gains from the experience. Our breakfasts are a self-service styled buffet and the house is stocked with teas and coffees, beers and wines, snacks and nibbles for our guests to help themselves to during the day. In the evenings, whether you are on one of our walking house-parties or Spanish language immersion courses, we cook a 3 course farmhouse meal for our guests.

However, as we are all sharing the same communal areas we naturally hope that guests treat the house as they would their own: i.e. closing the gates and blowing out the candles at night (no sheep please in my newly planted garden!), switching off the lights or swilling through a wine glass after dinner – oh and please remind me to water the flowers, feed the cats or restock on beers and wines when stocks run low!

Historical Tortilla Competitions!

We use local produce whenever we can and when in season, pick up fresh eggs, cheese, tomatoes, lettuces, courgettes etc. from local farms. Cherries, chestnuts, blackberries, walnuts and figs can sometimes be picked straight from the trees.

We would like to pay tribute to some of our past guests’ great culinary contributions to our house parties at our farmhouse in the Pyrenees: Jean’s wonderful blackberry and apple crumbles, Angela’s devils pasta sauce, Steph and Andy’s roast lamb and apricots and Peter’s fantastic curries. Phil and Paul’s tortilla competition will go down in history!