“We were travelling in Spain for three weeks and the three days we spent with Georgina and Iñaki were the best and most memorable of the trip. Thank you for sharing your life in the Pyrenees, the incredible scenery and company and for your always gracious hosting”. Robin Schulman. N.Y. Author ‘Eat the City’.

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The Farmhouse Accomodation

Our family home perched high up in a Basque hamlet in the Pyrenees...

House Party Ethos

Open house ... please help yourself to food, wine and washing machine ...

House Rental / B&B

During several months of the year we rent out the cottage or offer B & B ...

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About Us

A language lover, teacher and small-scale writer, I first discovered the Basque Country with the help of an old Ford Escort called Fred, a Spanish - English dictionary, a pair of walking boots and a bag of English tea bags. I was born in Solihull but spent many years in Copenhagen where finally my passion for languages and mountains rebelled and drove me south!

Just before I left Denmark I published my first book, 'Freedom to Choose', and  - in many respects - the Pyrenean Experience put theory into practice.

Two decades later I can say without a doubt that I have lost my heart to the Basque Country and the people of Ituren  who have watched over me with a maternal / paternal eye - (and often in great amusement) - every step of the way. I work with a passionate team of Spanish / Basque teachers, cooks, historians, guides, shepherds and musicians as well as my teenage !!! daughter, Marion, who specialises in tongue-twisters  on our Spanish immersion weeks! She loves ballet and maths and has shepherded sheep on our neighbours' farms since the age of 2. My mum, Valerie, also gives an invaluable helping hand with the admin back in the UK. I couldn't have done it without her!

The second book I wrote was 'Breaking the Language Barrier' and served very much as an inspiration for the Spanish language house-parties we run today. The next will - I hope -  if time, work and motherhood allow - pay homage to the beauty of these Basque valleys and the wonderful Basque friends we have found.     Georgina G. Howard.

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Life in the Pyrenees and the Baztan Valley