Holiday Highlights...

• Spanish Immersion courses for adults at our stunnning family home and guesthouse
• Guided walks in Spanish with locals, teachers and family friends
• Spanish dinner parties with private cook, talks on local history, culture and music concerts
• Afternoon Spanish lessons on the terrace with professional teachers

Spanish Language & Walking Holidays

Totally different Immersion Spanish Languages Courses in Spain

We believe a language is to be spoken and cannot be severed from a people, a culture or a setting and so our aim is to offer relaxed and dynamic total immersion Spanish holidays with genuine conversation with local Spanish people.

Spanish & Walking House Parties in the Pyrenees

Our total immersion Spanish courses in Spain unfold at our family farmhouse in Ituren, perched high among the picture-postcard villages of the Spanish Pyrenees. Hosted by professional Spanish teachers and embroiling family, farmers, villagers and friends our Spanish ‘house parties’ are ideal for motivated, adult learners of the Spanish language from all over the world. However our house has a limited number of bedrooms and we can only accommodate a handful of guests at one time.

Each week knits together a programme of formal Spanish tuition with an eclectic mix of gentle country walks, lunches and cultural and social events. Every path we walk, every ‘tortilla’ we share, every village bar and fiesta offer our guests genuine opportunities to converse with native Spanish speakers and integrate into the local farming community.


Spanish Course Levels

Our total immersion Spanish courses in Spain are run at three different levels. Each week our gentle morning walks offer our guests the opportunity to converse with local people, teachers and family friends and immerse themselves in authentic local activities tailored to their Spanish level. Every afternoon we also offer focused Spanish lessons with our professional teachers before winding down with our inimitable Spanish dinner parties and a programme of cultural events.





Upper-intermediate / Advanced


INTERMEDIATE & UPPER INTERMEDIATE COURSES: MORE DETAILS:   Our Spanish Immersion Courses are not your average classroom experience. We offer 2 hrs a day of formal Spanish classes (totaling 10 hrs a week), where the teacher focuses on the structures and grammatical ‘nuts and bolts’ of the Spanish language. However, the programme of daily activities also offers round-the-clock informal Spanish immersion, conversation and vocabulary-building exercises too. While students have 2 hrs a day of formal classes, the rest of the day is spent practicing your Spanish skills with locals, whether that is on a gentle guided walk to see the magnificant landscapes of the Basque Pyrenees, visiting friends and local experts in the villages or stopping by our neighbours' farms to listen to their stories of life in the Pyrenees. A cold beer in a village bar or a stop to sample the local Basque cuisine is always on the agenda. Your exposure to the Spanish language is not limited to a classroom context at all and our 'razon de ser' is to offer you inumerable opportunities to speak Spanish and immerse yourself in the local village life.

ELEMENTARY COURSES: MORE DETAILS: Elementary Spanish courses offer the same activities as above as well as an intense Spanish-speaking experiencehowever we do use some translation in order to help our guests get the most from some of our cultural activities and appreciate the fascinating history of the Basque Pyrenees.

Our Spanish teachers are highly qualified and, as we work with very small groups, we do our best to give individual attention to each of our guests during their stay.

TOTAL BEGINNER CLASSES: Spanish students can also combine a module of Spanish lessons with one of our Total Basque Mountain Experience Weeks. This makes an ideal holiday for guests who want to study Spanish but are travelling with partners or friends who do not share the same zeal for language learning! Here days can be enjoyed together with a programme of guided or self-guided walks before relaxing in the evening with our bi-lingual dinner parties, gastronomy and music events. 


A Typical Day on a Spanish House Party

Guided Walking Holidays in the PyreneesAfter a continental breakfast on the terrace we head out into the hills – usually straight from the farmhouse door. As we tie up our walking boots we adopt our ‘Spanish-speaking' personas for the rest of the day and all the activities from then on (until dinner) are run in Spanish. The hill walks are taken at a gentle pace and are perfect for normally healthy people of all ages used to regular exercise. They usually take 2 – 3 hrs and offer a bucolic back-stage introduction to the local Basque culture. We stop off at farms and villages, explore the local architecture, watermills and fiestas, and are infamous for kidnapping the unsuspecting friends and farmers we meet en route. Talks are organised with local experts, guides, millers, cooks and historians and rarely a bar is passed without stopping for a cool beer.

Lunch may be tapas at the village inn, lunch at a family restaurant or a picnic in the hills. After an afternoon siesta, (and you are expected to dream in Spanish!), we offer a formal 2 hr Spanish language lesson with a professional Spanish teacher who develops a structured platform of grammar, vocabulary, idioms and expressions.

The immersion methods only slide to a halt at dinner time which is a time to relax in whatever language one chooses (free from the shackles of ‘para’ and ‘por’).  These evenings on the terrace offer a relaxed and inspiring meeting of minds and a fun exchange of languages, cultural anecdotes, ideas and experiences.

Midweek there is a free day when guests can explore further afield. Many choose to take a local bus to sample the pintxos (Basque tapas) in the coastal towns of San Sebastian or Hondarribia, or head south to explore the mediaeval city of Pamplona. (Others decide to stay in the hills and go off on one of many self-guided walks leading straight from the farmhouse door).


Accomdation / Meals

Views from the garden


Guests are lodged in a separate wing of our home in one of our 5 en-suite double rooms, each with a view over the valley. Here you can breakfast on our sunny south-facing terraces or enjoy evening aperitifs in our landscaped gardens. Our guests have full use of our open-plan kitchen, library, living and dining spaces and a free self-service bar of tea, coffee, wine and beers. There is WIFI, central heating and a log fire.

Read more about our Farmhouse Accommodation.


Food in the Basque Country

Guests are invited to help themselves to coffee, tea, beer, wine and biscuits etc.  The house is always full of bread, cheeses, fruits, salad and wine and so no one ever need go hungry! We provide:

  • Full continental breakfasts
  • Lunchtime tapas at the village inn, lunch at a family restaurant, or a picnic in the hills
  • Full three-course evening meals with wine and a private chef.

Many walkers opt to explore local Basque gastronomy during their walks and visit one of the many restaurants and inns in the villages near-by. One of our favourite Basque restaurants in Donamaria even turned down a Michelin star!

Read more about our House Party Ethos.


Other Local Activities

Our holidays are enriched by our private ‘house-party’ programme of cultural events, wine seminars and music concerts. Our portfolio of walks in the Pyrenees can be combined with:

  • Cycling: Rent bikes to cycle along 500 km of documented mountain bike routes in the area or smooth-surfaced roads from village to village. There is a 30 km flat cycle path that runs along the shady banks of the Bidasoa river to the Atlantic coast.
  • Visit Surrounding Villages and Cities: Local buses go south to historic Pamplona or north to the tapas bars and beaches of sophisticated San Sebastian. The medieval fishing village of Hondarribia is also worth visiting.

Prices: 1300 € / £950 + 250€*

Price Includes:

  • Full-board accommodation with own / en-suite bathrooms at our family farmhouse
  • All food, all wine, all restaurant meals
  • A unique 5-and-a-half-day walking/cultural/gastronomy programme with on-going professional Spanish immersion teaching and conversation throughout all activities
  • Ten hours of formal Spanish lessons and grammatical tuition by a highly qualified teacher
  • Free shuttle service from Biarritz airport at specific times. There is also an easy local bus service from San Sebastian and Pamplona to our nearby village of (Santesteban/Doneztebe) from where we are also happy to pick up our guests.

Elementary Level (Part Immersion)

20th - 27th May (ES1)
3rd - 10th August (ES2)
More Dates: Beginner Spanish students may also take a Spanish course during one of our Total Basque Mountain Experience Weeks.

Intermediate Level (Total Immersion)

2nd - 9th May (IS1)
15th - 22nd July (IS2)
12th - 19th August (IS3)
19th - 26th October (IS4)

Advanced Level (Total Immersion)

11th - 18th May (AS1)
24th - 31st July (AS2)
5th - 12th September (AS3)


Location / Travel to Our Farmhouse

Ituren is a small village in the western Pyrenees in northern Navarra, situated about 30 minutes south of the French border, an hour south-west of Biarritz, an hour south-east of the glorious seaside town of San Sebastian and an hour north of the medieval town of Pamplona.

You can arrive to our farmhouse by car, by public transportation from San Sebastian or Pamplona to our local village of Santesteban/Doneztebe (where we can meet you) and we also offer a free shuttle service from Biarritz airport at specific times. PLEASE ASK FOR TRAVEL DETAILS.